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Inventory Period Fields

Use the Inventory Period Edit page to add an inventory period or update details for an existing inventory period. The Inventory Period Edit page shows the complete set of fields for an inventory period.

TIP: You can also edit inventory periods on the Inventory Period List page and the Inventory Period Detail page. For more information about updating records, see Updating Record Details.

NOTE: Company administrators can customize Oracle CRM On Demand in a variety of ways, such as changing the names for record types, fields, and options in lists. So, the information you see might differ from the standard information described in the online help.

The following table provides additional information regarding some of the inventory period fields. Most of these fields are read only for sales representatives, but editable for sample administrators. The Active field and the Reconciled field are automatically set by Oracle CRM On Demand according to whether or not an inventory period has completed or been reconciled.



Start Date

The start date for this inventory period.

End Date

The date that this inventory period expires.


This check box is automatically set by Oracle CRM On Demand and indicates whether the inventory period is active or closed:

  • If selected, then this inventory period is currently active. All current dropped samples and promotional items use this active inventory period for processing.
  • If not selected, then this inventory period has completed, or has been closed out, and is inactive.

For more information, see Closing Out an Inventory Period.


The owner of this inventory period.


The date and user who created this inventory period.


The date and user who last modified this inventory period.


Oracle CRM On Demand sets this check box automatically. It indicates whether or not the reconciliation process has been successfully run for this inventory period:

  • If selected, then this inventory period has been fully reconciled with no discrepancies, is inactive, and locked.
  • If not selected, then this inventory period has not been successfully reconciled.

For more information, see Reconciling an Inventory Period.

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