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Reconciling an Inventory Period

Sales representatives are required to reconcile their samples at least once a year. You can start reconciliations at various times during the year, but only on inventory periods that have been closed. All transactions associated with an inventory period must be completed before the inventory period can be fully reconciled.

Reconciling an inventory period is the final step in Process of Reconciling the Inventory.

Before you begin. To reconcile an inventory period, your user role must include the Enable Basic Samples Operations privilege.

To reconcile an inventory period

  1. On the Inventory Period List page, drill down on the Start Date field to open the inventory period record that you want to reconcile.

    The inventory period that you open must be closed. You can reconcile a period only if there is no difference between the physical count and the amount that Oracle CRM On Demand calculates, and if there are no pending transactions in the inventory period.

  2. Click Reconcile.

    An error message is displayed if any of the following conditions are true:

    • There are transactions associated with the inventory period that have a status of In Progress.
    • There are previous inventory periods that are still open.
    • The variance is not within an acceptable limit. Currently, the variance is set to zero.
  3. Go back to the Inventory Period List page, and open the same inventory period record that you opened in Step 1. If the reconciliation is successful, the Reconciled flag is selected.

NOTE: End users must create transfer transactions for any samples transferred to another representative or returned to headquarters for the period before the reconciliation. Also, mobile users must synchronize their local database with the server database before submitting an inventory count. This synchronization is important if they are recording samples received in a prior period, or if they are recording samples received in a period that has not become active yet.

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