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Reject Code for Leads

When users reject a lead, they must select a rejection code in the Reject Code field in the Reject a Lead page. Users can also enter a text description of the reason for the rejection in the Reject Reason field. If a user selects the Other value in the Reject Code field, the Reject Reason field becomes a required field, and the user must enter a description of why the lead was rejected. Otherwise, the Reject Reason field is optional.

A number of values are provided by default for the Reject Code field, but you can change these values, or add more values to the list. The default values are:

  • 3rd Party Contact
  • Do Not Contact Again
  • Duplicate
  • Failed to Reach Contact
  • Inappropriate Contact
  • Insufficient Data
  • Invalid Phone Number
  • No Business Opportunity
  • Opportunity in Progress
  • Other
  • Recently Contacted (<30 days)
  • Data Entry/System Error
  • Already Owns Product
  • Targeting Criteria Not Met

For information about editing picklist values, see Creating and Editing Fields.

NOTE: If you rename the Other value, the Reject Reason field still becomes a required field when the user selects the renamed value in the Reject a Lead page.

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