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Lead Conversion Administration

Users at your company can convert lead records to account, contact, and opportunity records. If your company is set up to use Oracle CRM On Demand Partner Relationship Management Edition, users can also convert lead records to deal registration records.

When users convert a lead record, they can do one of the following:

  • Create new account, contact, opportunity, or deal registration records, which are linked automatically to the lead record.
  • Link the lead record to existing account and contact records. Users select the records that they want to link to the lead when they convert the lead.

You can determine which options are available to users on the Convert Lead page by creating lead conversion layouts for the page, and assigning these layouts to user roles.

During the lead conversion, some values are carried over to the new records by default. However, you can extend the amount of information that is carried over by mapping additional fields, including custom fields.

To convert leads, users must have the appropriate access to record types and the appropriate privileges in their role.

When users reject a lead, they must select a rejection code in the Reject Code field in the Reject a Lead page. A number of values are provided by default for the Reject Code field, but you can change these values or add more values to the list. For more information about the Reject Code picklist, see Reject Code for Leads.

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