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Mapping Additional Fields During Lead Conversion

Users at your company can convert lead records to account, contact, and opportunity records. If your company is set up to use Oracle CRM On Demand Partner Relationship Management Edition, users can also convert lead records to deal registration records.

When users convert leads to account, contact, opportunity, or deal registration records, some values are carried over to the new records by default. However, you can extend the amount of information that is carried over by mapping additional fields, including custom fields.

NOTE: Do not map Web link fields for lead conversion. Web link fields do not contain data, instead, they contain scripts for links that users can click to perform actions. The contents of Web link fields cannot be carried over to the new records when a lead is converted.

When users convert a lead record, the values in the mapped fields are carried over as follows:

  • When users create new account, contact, opportunity, or deal registration records, the values from the mapped fields on the lead record are carried over to the specified fields in the new record.
  • When users link the lead record to existing account, contact, opportunity, or deal registration records that they select when converting the lead, the fields in the existing records that already have values remain unchanged. Fields that are empty are updated with the value from the mapped lead field.

About Customized Picklist Fields and Values

You can map picklist fields from the lead record to text fields (long or short) on account, contact, opportunity, and deal registration records, or to a picklist field with identical values.

Before you begin. To perform the following procedure your role must include the Data Rules and Assignment privilege.

To map additional fields when converting a lead record

  1. In the upper right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the Business Process Management section, click Data Rules & Assignment.
  3. In the Lead Conversion Administration section, click Lead Conversion Mapping.
  4. On the Lead Conversion Mapping page, select the fields to map.
  5. To revert the mapping back to the default settings, click the Default button in the title bar.
  6. Click Save.

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