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Life Sciences Processes

You can perform the following tasks using Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition:

Tracking Medical Events

You can plan and track medical education events using the MedEd pages. A medical education event can be as simple as a lunch-and-learn session in a physician’s office, or as complex as a seminar series or national sales meeting. For more information on planning and tracking medical education events, see MedEd Events.

Business Planning

The Business Planning pages provide a foundation for business-planning activities in the pharmaceutical industry. You can set the goals and objectives for accounts, contacts, and products. You can link these goals and objectives to long-term strategic plans, short-term objectives, hierarchical account plans, key opinion-leader plans, or brand plans. For more information on managing business plans, see Business Planning.

Capturing Contact and Account Details and Planning Sales Calls

You can capture and store more detailed information about sales calls, using the call activity portion of the Contact Detail and Account Detail pages. These pages provide a list of call activities and show the call history for a contact or account. For more information on using the Contacts pages, see Contacts. For more information on using the Account pages, see Accounts and Working with Activity Lists.

Planning Sales Calls

Sales representatives can perform precall planning tasks for an account by reviewing the associated contact and account relationships. They can also review the best call times for the contact and the contact’s valid medical license. This planning allows a sales representative to determine the following:

  • Which products to explain
  • How many samples or promotional items to drop
  • Whose signature to capture to complete the sales call

For more information about these tasks, see Tracking Visits (Sales Calls) to Customers, Tracking the Best Calling Times, Contact State Licenses, and Mass Call Planning.

Capturing Customer Information to Meet Regulatory Guidelines

You can capture the following information about customer visits:

  • Products detailed
  • Samples dropped to customers
  • Samples requested by customers
  • Promotional or educational items dropped to customers
  • Messaging plans discussed
  • Message responses
  • Customer signatures captured

This information is typically required to meet the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and similar agencies in other countries. You can store this information in the Call Activity List Page of a contact detail record. For more information on the Activity pages, see the following:

Managing Samples

Samples administrators can perform business processes, such as creating inventory periods, allocation records, and sample inventory records for sales representatives. Sales representatives can create inventory audit reports as requested by the samples administrator and can close out or reconcile inventory periods. Additionally, sales representatives can adjust inventories, transfer samples in and out, and drop samples, which create disbursement transactions. For more information about these tasks, see Managing Samples.

Managing Customer Presentations

Sales and marketing organizations can manage their multimedia or graphic file content, create messaging plans, and distribute these messaging plans to the field sales force. Sales organizations can then deliver tailored presentations to customers while automatically capturing metrics related to customer responses. These metrics are passed to the marketing organization to analyze. Use Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition with an offline client application. The client is required for making presentations to customers and capturing the metrics of customer responses. To manage the presentation content and the messaging plans, use Personalized Content Delivery (PCD), a type of sales presentation software. For more information on PCD, see Personalized Content Delivery.

Managing Analytics

A sales representative, marketing organization, management team, or an administrative team within a pharmaceutical company can create detailed analytical reports within Oracle CRM On Demand Answers. Call History, MedEd Events, and PCD have analytics components that allow you to manage analytics in these areas of Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition. For more information on using Oracle CRM On Demand Answers, see Dashboards and Reports.

Creating Integration Events and Workflow Rules

Integration Events are supported for the following life sciences record types and life sciences-related record types:

  • Activity
  • Business Plan
  • Campaign
  • Contact State License
  • Fund
  • Fund Request
  • Inventory Period
  • MDF Request
  • MedEd Event
  • Messaging Plan
  • Objective
  • Order
  • Sample Inventory
  • Sample Lot
  • Sample Transaction
  • Transaction Item

For more information about integration events and workflow rules, see About Integration Events and Creating Workflow Rules.

Performing Activity Assessments

If your company administrator has set up Activity Assessment scripts, then you will be able to perform assessments on tasks, appointments, calls, or planned calls for an account or contact. For more information about assessments, see Setting Up Assessment Scripts and Using Activity Assessment Scripts.

Adding Books to Life Sciences Record Types

Books are supported for the following life sciences record types and life sciences-related record types:

  • Allocation
  • Business Plan
  • Inventory Audit Report
  • Inventory Period
  • MedEd Event
  • Objectives
  • Sample Lot
  • Sample Transaction

You can determine which book a user sees by default in the Book selector for each record type. For more information, see Setting Up Default Books by Record Type for a User. For more information about books in general, see Book Management.

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