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Linking Records to Business Plans

You can link additional records to the business plan by adding sections to the Detail Page for the business plan record:

  • Plan Accounts
  • Plan Contacts
  • Business Plans
  • Objectives
  • Plan Opportunities
  • Activities

NOTE: A particular business plan can relate to multiple items of all the above entities. The entities prefaced with the term, Plan, are special entities that allow many-to-many relationships. A business plan, objective, or activity can relate to only one parent business plan. However, a plan account, plan contact, or plan opportunity allows multiple parent business plans. Allowing multiple parent plans accommodates the required flexibility in relating these entities to business plans.

For more information, see Changing Your Detail Page Layout.

To link records to a business plan

  1. On the Business Plan Detail page, click Edit Layout.
  2. On the Business Plan Detail Layout page, click the arrows to add the section for the record, and to organize the sections on the page.
  3. Click Save.

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