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Using the Book Selector

The Book selector allows you to narrow your searches to a particular user book or custom book. In the context of the Book selector, custom books are referred to as books.

The Book selector is displayed in:

  • The Search section in the Action bar
  • The Lookup window
  • The Search In section in advanced searches
  • List pages
  • The Reports tab and the Dashboard tab

The Book selector is displayed only if both of the following conditions apply:

  • The Display Book Selector option is enabled in your company profile.
  • The record type is supported for books.

    For information about which record types are supported for books, see Book Management.

The Book selector allows you to restrict your search to a specific user or book. The Book selector therefore displays a hierarchy of users and a hierarchy of books, with All at the top of the hierarchy. You can expand or collapse each level in the hierarchy. Most employees see only a hierarchy of users, because the custom book feature is not enabled by default.

For reports and dashboards, the book hierarchy is displayed only if Full Visibility is selected in the Historical Subject Areas setting in the company profile.

When you select a book, and sub-books for the book are displayed in the hierarchy, all of the sub-books are included in the search.

CAUTION: For optimal performance, include sub-books only when absolutely necessary.

Each user has a set of default books. If you select All, all of the books applicable to you and your subordinates (if any) are selected.

Within the User hierarchy you can choose users that have delegated their access to you or users in your organization.

After you select a book or user, and click OK, the name of the book or user is displayed in the Book selector. The plus sign (+) indicates that children in the hierarchy are also selected.

You can use the Include Sub-Items check box to control whether sub-books or subordinates are included in the respective hierarchy.

NOTE: The books that are automatically created when active partner records are created appear in the Book selector for the Partner record type only.

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