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Life Sciences

Oracle CRM On Demand provides various record types for life sciences information, and for managing the pharmaceutical sales process.

The following tabs are available with Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition:

MedEd. Use these pages to manage medical education events and invitees to those events.

Contact State License. Use these pages to record the details of the state license (or other jurisdiction) to practice medicine, and validate signatures for samples that are dropped off by a sales representative.

Inventory Period. Use these pages to organize the sales force for planning and evaluating metrics (for example, to perform interim audit counts, final audit counts, and reconciliations).

Sample Transaction. Use these pages to create, update, and track different types of sample transactions (transfers, acknowledgements, adjustments, and disbursements or drop sample transactions) and associated transaction items.

Allocation. Use these pages to allocate samples to end users and to track the quantity of sample products as well as the period during which sample products are available for distribution.

Sample Lot. Use these pages to track lot numbers for sample products.

Sample Disclaimer. Use these pages to create, update, and track disclaimers for sample products.

Messaging Plan. Use these pages to manage messaging plans (presentations delivered using a personal computer or tablet computer for sales users).

Messaging Plan Item. Use these pages to specify the items that make up a messaging plan.

Messaging Plan Item Relation. Use these pages to specify a presentation item to provide optional information to support the primary messaging plan item.

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