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Managing Your Teamís Forecasts

If you are a manager, you can:

  • Review and adjust forecasts for your team
  • View all opportunities owned by your team
  • Unsubmit a forecast so that a team member can adjust it

Your team consists of all employees associated to roles that report to you. This role hierarchy is set up in User Administration. For more information, see Setting Up Users.

To review forecasts and opportunities for your team

  1. Click the Forecasts tab.
  2. In the Forecast Homepage section, click the Forecast Date link in the forecast record.

    The Forecast Detail page shows a summary of your team’s totals, the totals for each team member by month, and the date the forecast was last updated.

  3. On the Forecast Detail page, click the Owner Alias link of the team member whose forecast you want to view.

    TIP: If you want to display the forecast summaries of all your team members, click the Show Full List link.

    The team member’s Forecast Detail page appears. From this page, you can review the team member’s forecast totals and all of the individual’s forecasted opportunities, but since the details are read-only, you cannot edit them.

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