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Managing the Call Center

As a supervisor, you need tools and information to help you operate your call center effectively. You need to know how many calls, emails, and voicemails your team handles. You need to ask the following questions: what is the average handle time for each interaction: how long are customers waiting in the queue: and so on. Access to real-time information about your operations can help you to manage your call center and even pinpoint improvement opportunities for individual agents.

Oracle Contact On Demand Supervisor Tools

Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle Contact On Demand have several tools to help you manage your call center. Every customer communication can be tracked and linked to customer records. This tracking feature builds a database of information about your operations and your customers, which you can access using reports and analyses. Agent-monitoring tools can also help you to coach individual agent performance.

Communications Dashboard

The Communications Dashboard shows real-time statistics about your call center queues to help you analyze performance.

  • Click the Dashboard tab and select the Communications dashboard from the drop-down list. Click Show.
  • View the current number of customer interactions in each of your communication channels.
  • Review individual workgroup statistics to help you analyze your call center volumes and manage your workforce.
  • Click the Additional Reports link to select a different dashboard to view other service or sales analyses.

Communications Reports and Analyses

The Reports Homepage contains links to prebuilt and custom-built analyses that can help you manage your call center. Review custom and prebuilt analyses regularly to identify call center trends, potential risks, and opportunities for improvement.

You can use Oracle CRM On Demand Answers to design customized reports to analyze the communications activities generated by your call center interactions. When you create a custom analysis:

  • Use the Activities reporting subject area to build a communications-specific analysis.
  • Expand the Activity folder, and then the Communication folder.
  • Click the Oracle Contact On Demand data column names to add them to your custom analysis.

For further information, see Reports.

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