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Updating Groups of Records

You can update the values in fields for a list of records at the same time, for the following record types:

  • Account
  • Activity (tasks, appointments)
  • Contact
  • Household
  • Opportunity
  • Partner
  • Portfolio
  • Lead
  • Service Request

For example, you might want to change the owner of a batch of records to a different employee. You can do this by updating groups of records.

You can update values in up to 50 selected records at a time. If there are more than 50 records in the list, you can repeat the task until all of the records are updated. Or, you can further refine your list so that only the records that you want to update are present in the list.

NOTE: If you use the Mass Update feature to change the value in the Sales Stage field on one or more opportunity records, then the value in the Probability percentage field on the records is not updated to the default probability percentage for the new sales stage. If you want the probability percentage on the opportunities to change when the sales stage is updated, then you must change the sales stage on each record individually or by using Web services. For information about Web services, see Web Services Integration.

Before you begin. Do the following:

  • If necessary, create a list to capture the records that you want to update. For information about creating and using lists, see Working with Lists.
  • To update groups of records, your user role must include the Mass Update privilege.
  • If your administrator has selected the Enable Shared Addresses check box in your company profile, then Account, Contact, and Partner record types are updated differently. The individual address fields are removed, and the new shared address fields are displayed. For more information on shared addresses, see Addresses and Sharing Addresses Between Account, Contact, Dealer, and Partner Records.

The following procedure describes how to update selected records in a list.

To update selected records in a list

  1. Open the list of records that you want to update.
  2. If necessary, sort the list so that the records that you want to update appear at the top of the list.

    TIP: To sort the list by column, click the column heading. To sort the list by the same column but in reverse order, click the column heading again.

  3. On the record List page, click Menu, and select Mass Update.
  4. In Step 1, clear the check box for records you do not want to update, and then click Next.
  5. In Step 2, select the fields that you want to update, and enter new values for those fields.

    You can select up to five fields to update to new values. To remove existing values from a field, leave the Value column blank in Step 2.

  6. Click Finish.

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