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Merging Records

For certain record types, if you have a duplicate record, you can merge the two records into one record. The merge functionality is supported for the Account, Contact, Household, Lead, Partner, Portfolio, and Service Request record types.

When you merge two records, you specify the field values from the two records that you want to keep in the record that you retain, which is called the primary record. The record that is deleted is called the duplicate record.

NOTE: If your company uses shared addresses, then you cannot select the individual fields in the billing, shipping, and primary addresses that are to be retained when you merge two accounts or two contacts. By default, the billing, shipping, and primary addresses of the primary record are retained. For more information on these fields, see Account Fields: Import Preparation and Contact Fields: Import Preparation. For more information on shared addresses, see Addresses.

The following considerations apply to the merging of records:

  • If a field has the same value on both the primary record and the duplicate record, you cannot change the value in that field during the merge operation.
  • In fields that are updated by the system, the value defaults to the value from the primary record during the merge operation, and you cannot change the value.
  • Account and contact teams are not merged. The team from the primary record is retained.
  • Any records that are linked to the duplicate record are linked to the primary record.

    In most cases, Oracle CRM On Demand does not check for duplicate related records. To remove duplicate related records you must delete them. However, in the case of opportunities that are linked to accounts, Oracle CRM On Demand does not link an opportunity from a merged account to the primary account if the opportunity has the same Opportunity Name and Primary Contact ID as an opportunity that is already linked to the primary account.

  • When you merge accounts, the owner of the duplicate account record is added to the account team and given full access to the primary record.

Before you begin:

  • To perform this procedure, your user role must include the Merge Records privilege.
  • Your access level for both the primary record and the duplicate record must allow you to delete the record. If your access level for the primary record does not allow you to delete the record, the Merge button is not available on the record.
  • Note the record names so that you can select them during the merge.

To merge two records

  1. Select the record you want to retain as the primary record.

    For instructions on selecting records, see Finding Records.

  2. On the record Detail page, click the Merge button.
  3. In Step 1, click the Lookup icon, and select the Duplicate record.
  4. In Step 2, review the values for each record, and select the values to save with the record.

    The Value to Save column displays the values from the primary record by default.

  5. Click Finish.

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