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Working with the Message Center

The Message Center in the Action bar allows you to manage notes for yourself, notes from other users, and notes about records, all in one place. The Message Center therefore promotes more effective communication and collaboration within Oracle CRM On Demand.

The Message Center can contain:

  • Notes that you create for yourself. You can create notes for yourself in the Message Center. This is useful for recording actions that you want to follow up on, or for information that you want to refer to later. These private notes are indicated by an icon showing a key.
  • Notes on records to which you subscribe. On record types that support the notes feature, you can keep track of conversations about a particular record, by navigating to the Detail page and subscribing to any new notes added on the record. You will then get a copy of all such notes in the Message Center, and you can reply to the record from the Message Center. You only get a copy of new notes added to the record; you do not get notes about other changes to the record.
  • Notes sent to you by other users. Another user can click on the note icon next to your name in a page in the application and send a note to you. Notes sent to you in this way are indicated by an icon showing two people.

The Message Center contains a note (pushpin) icon and the number of new messages is displayed next to the note icon.

When you click the note icon in the Message Center, the list of notes is displayed. For each note, the name of the user who created the note is displayed, together with the subject or first part of the note text, if there is no subject. The date of the note is displayed, or if the note is from today, the time.

From the list of notes you can do the following:

To do this

Follow these steps

View a note

Scroll down to the required note. If the note is linked to a record to which you are subscribed, you can drill down on the record from the link in the note.

Create a new note

Click New Note. Type a subject on the first line if required, type the note, and click Save. The subject is optional; if you do not provide a subject, the first few characters from the text of the note are copied to the subject line.

Reply to a note

Scroll down to the required note, click Reply, and type your note. When you click Save, your reply is sent to the Message Center of the user who sent you the note. If you select Post, your reply is posted to the relevant Detail page, and is sent to all users subscribed to the record.

Delete a note

Scroll down to the required note, and click Delete. This action deletes the copy of the note from your Message Center, but does not delete the actual note on the record Detail page.

View details of the user who sent a note

Scroll down to the required note, and click the user name. The User Details page for the user is displayed.

You can embed the Message Center as a Web widget in other applications. For more information, see Embedding a Message Center Widget.

When the Message Center is embedded as a Web widget, you can click the Refresh button to update the Message Center with the latest messages from Oracle CRM On Demand.

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