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Messaging Plans

Use the Messaging Plan pages to create, update, and track messaging plans.

A messaging plan is a presentation delivered using a personal computer or tablet computer. Sales users use a messaging plan to describe products and track customer feedback. The messaging plan pages capture various attributes of a messaging plan, such as the product it covers, the expiration date of the messaging plan, and other parameters.

Brand managers, product managers, and sales operation managers create messaging plans. Messaging plans consist of a specific sequence of content, so that sales users deliver presentations that comply with company legal and marketing guidelines.

A messaging plan might contain a number of messaging plan items in a specific sequence, analogous to a traditional presentation consisting of a number of slides. Or, a messaging plan might be one slide communicating a specific message. When creating an activity, sales representatives can review the recommended messaging plans for the activity, for example, a sales call, task, or appointment, to see if there are any recommendations. Messaging plan recommendations are based on the segment matches and objective associations between the messaging plan and the sales call, task, or appointment. For more information, see Reviewing Recommended Messaging Plans for Activities.

NOTE: Your company administrator determines which tabs are available to you. If your job responsibility does not include the administration of messaging plan information, the messaging plan tab might be excluded from your setup. Your user role must include the Manage Personalized Content Delivery privilege to work with the messaging plan pages.

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