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Messaging Plan Item Relations

Use the Messaging Plan Item Relations pages to create, update, and track messaging plan item relations.

A messaging plan item relation is a presentation item that provides optional information to support the primary messaging plan item. For example, if the main item shows the side effects for a new drug, optional related information might show the side effects of an older class of drugs. If the theme from the main item is that a clinical trial had good results, optional details might show numbers from the clinical trial. A messaging plan is made up of a number of messaging plan items in a specific sequence, analogous to a traditional presentation consisting of a number of slides. Each messaging plan item might have related items associated with it, which are called messaging plan item relations. The Messaging Plan Item Relations page contains information about these supporting presentation items.

NOTE: Your company administrator determines which tabs are available to you. If your job responsibility does not include tracking messaging plan item relations, the Messaging Plan Item Relations tab might be excluded from your setup. Your user role must include the Manage Personalized Content Delivery privilege to work with the Messaging Plan Item Relations pages.

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