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Adding and Updating Records in Your Offline Client

You can add or update records in Oracle Offline On Demand (your Offline client), and later upload them to Oracle CRM On Demand.

Before you begin. Make sure the time zone on your laptop or desktop computer is set to the same one used in your Oracle CRM On Demand application. For information on viewing your time zone in Oracle CRM On Demand, see Updating Your Personal Details.

Adding and updating records works the same way in your Offline client as it does in your company's Oracle CRM On Demand application.

  • You can add records from the Create box in the left Action bar or wherever you see a New button on a page.
  • You can update records wherever you see an Edit button or an Edit link.

If your company administrator has set the Offline Client Edit Access field to Verify On Upload, all records display an Edit button or link, and Oracle CRM On Demand verifies your edit access the next time that you upload records from the Offline client. For more information on the Offline Client Edit Access setting, see Setting Up Your Company Profile and Global Defaults.

If you do not have appropriate access to edit a record, Oracle CRM On Demand issues an error message stating that you do not have permission to modify all records. It also states that only some records were uploaded and instructs you to refer to the log file for more details. This error message provides a link to the automatically generated log file, which provides a list of the records that failed to upload, listed in order of transaction, and then in order of record. If you receive an error message, Oracle CRM On Demand continues to upload the records for which you have the appropriate access.

TIP:  The Offline Status information on the left displays the number of changes that you make while working offline.

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