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About Conflict Resolution with the Offline Client

Conflicts occur at the field level when the same field in the same record has been updated in Oracle CRM On Demand and in Oracle Offline On Demand (the Offline client). For example, another employee might update an email address in Oracle CRM On Demand while you updated the same email address in the Offline client. This conflict is recognized during the synchronization.

By default, the field change in Oracle CRM On Demand wins the conflict resolution. However, if an error cannot be resolved by this rule, you need to address each issue manually. To review the errors, open the UploadError file in the Offline On Demand directory or print it.

The errors are saved to a log file, which is in the same directory as the Offline client. The format of the log file name (UploadErrorYYYY-MM-DD.html) indicates the date on which the changes were made, for example, UploadErrors2009-10-22.html.

TIP: To correct the errors, print the log file, and make your changes in Oracle CRM On Demand.

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