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Uploading Records From Your Offline Client

After you add or update records in Oracle Offline On Demand (your Offline client), you upload the new information to your company’s Oracle CRM On Demand application.

NOTE: When you want to delete records, delete them in Oracle CRM On Demand. Do not delete records in the Offline client. Also, if you want to transfer the ownership of an account from yourself to another employee, upload the account to Oracle CRM On Demand first, and then change the owner in Oracle CRM On Demand.

Before you begin. You must be connected to the Internet to upload your records.

To upload records

  1. In the Offline client, click the Upload button.
  2. Sign in to Oracle CRM On Demand.

    A progress bar appears, followed by a message notifying you of a successful upload. If you receive an error message, the uploading process continues but ignores the records with the conflicting changes.

  3. When the upload is completed, you are prompted to perform a download.

    NOTE: You must download a new data set; otherwise, your Offline client will be set to read-only.

  4. Click Yes and continue with the download.

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