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Order Fields

Use the Order Edit page to add an order for products or update the details for an existing order for products. The Order Edit page shows all the fields for an order.

TIP: You can also edit orders on the Order Detail page. For more information on updating records, see Updating Record Details.

NOTE: Company administrators can customize Oracle CRM On Demand in a variety of ways, such as changing the names for record types, fields, and options in lists. So, the information you see might differ from the standard information described in the online help.

The following table provides information regarding some of the order fields.



Key Order Information

Order Number

A unique number that is assigned to each order.


The account that is associated with this order.


The opportunity that is associated with this order.


The contact that is associated with this order.

Order Created

The date the order was created.

Order Creation Status

(Read-only) The value in this field is In Process by default. When you submit an order for products, the value in this field changes to Submitted.

External Unique Id

Unique external ID for order integration with Oracle CRM On Demand.


The value in this field uniquely identifies the order.

Shipping Address

The address to which the order will be shipped. Use the Lookup selector to select an address. This field must be completed to create a sample request order, see Linking Sample Request Information to Calls.

Billing Address

The billing address for the order in context.

Order Status

The status of the order, which can be one of the following: Pending, Shipped, Processed, or Submitted. You can set the status if required. When you submit the order, the order status changes to Submitted.

Additional Information


The person who created this order record.


(Optional) A description of the order.

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