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Submitting an Order for Products

When you have finished creating and updating order items for an order object, you can submit the order.

Before you begin. To work with orders and order items for products, the Order Usage value on the company profile page must be set to CRM On Demand Order Management, and your user role must include the Enable Order Access privilege.

To submit an order for products

  1. On the Order Homepage, select the order that you want.

    For information on selecting orders, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Order Detail page, review the order items that are associated with this order for products, and make sure that you are satisfied with the information recorded.
  3. Click Submit to submit the order for products, including all its associated order line items.

    The value in the Order Creation Status field for the order changes to Submitted to indicate that the order for products has been submitted for processing. You cannot modify an order for products that has been submitted.

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