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Configuring the Field Setup for Transition States

You can specify how certain fields behave when a record is in the transition state by configuring the field setup for the transition state.

To configure the field setup for a transition state, complete the steps in the following procedure.

Before you begin. To perform this procedure, your role must include the Process Administration privilege.

To configure the field setup for a transition state

  1. In the Process Detail page, click the link in the State field for the transition state for which you want to configure the field setup.
  2. In the Transition State Detail page, scroll to the Field Setup section of the page, and then click Add in the title bar of the section.
  3. In the Field Setup Edit page, specify the behavior of fields when a record of the record type specified in the process is in this transition state, as follows:
    1. Select the field in the Field list.
    2. Select the check box for the behavior that you want to configure for the field.

      NOTE: For information about restrictions that apply to configuring the field setup for transition states, see Process Administration Functionality.

      CAUTION: If you want to set a check box field as read-only, the field must already be displayed on the page layout where it is to be used. Otherwise, when the field is added to a page layout, an error message is displayed when users try to save a record of this type.

      You can specify settings for up to five fields in the Field Setup Edit page. If you want to specify settings for additional fields, you can repeat this procedure.

  4. Save your changes.
  5. Repeat Step 2 through Step 4 of this procedure as many times as necessary to set up all the fields that you want to configure for the transition state.

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