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Process Administration

In the process administration section of Oracle CRM On Demand, you can set up processes to prevent users, including external applications, from performing certain actions on records of a given record type when the records are in a particular state. Preventing users from performing certain actions in this way is referred to as locking records.

The process administration functionality is not enabled in Oracle CRM On Demand by default. It must be enabled for each company by Oracle CRM On Demand Customer Care. If your company wants to use the process administration functionality, contact Oracle CRM On Demand Customer Care, and ask to have the Process Administration privilege granted to your company administrator’s role.

When Oracle CRM On Demand Customer Care grants the Process Administration privilege to the company administrator, the company administrator can then grant the privilege to other roles.

NOTE: The controls that determine which records are locked are the last security component that Oracle CRM On Demand examines when calculating a user’s rights to work with a record. The permissions granted by all of the other access-control components are examined first. An access-control component is functionality in Oracle CRM On Demand that contributes to the calculation of a user's rights to access and work with records. Examples of access-control components are: record ownership, access profiles, roles, teams, books, and the reporting hierarchy. The controls that lock records do not override any restrictions imposed by the other access-control components.

For information about processes and how to create them, see the following topics:

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