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Process Administration Functionality

The following record types are supported for process administration:

  • Account
  • Activity
  • Address
  • Business Plan
  • Lead
  • Messaging Plan
  • Objective
  • Opportunity
  • Sample Disclaimer
  • Sample Transaction
  • Service Request
  • Solution


The following restrictions apply:

  • Only one process can be set up for each of the record types that support process administration.
  • For each of the supported record types, the Status field on the record type is used as the transition field for the process. You cannot select an alternative transition field.
  • Only the Activity record type supports the use of a primary field to restrict the process. The primary field on the Activity record type is the Call Type field. You cannot select an alternative primary field.
  • The options for the field setup for transition states are limited to specifying that certain fields are read-only when a record is in the transition state.
  • The Order Number field and the Default check box, which appear on the process record when you save the process, are not used in the current release of Oracle CRM On Demand.

Related Record Types

For each parent record type that is supported for process administration, you can enable access controls for all of the related record types that are supported for the parent record type and that are available to your company, with the exceptions shown in the following table.

Parent Record Type

Related Record Types Not Supported


  • Assessments
  • Financial Account: Branch
  • Financial Account: Held-Away Institutions



Business Plan








Service Request


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