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Scenario for Locking Activity Records

This topic gives one example of how sales representatives in a pharmaceutical company use call activity records in Oracle CRM On Demand to record details of their visits to customers and of how the call activity records are locked at certain points. Your company might use Oracle CRM On Demand differently, depending on your business model.

A sales representative plans a visit to a local clinic to restock the sample cabinet at the clinic, and to talk to the head of the clinic about a new product that the pharmaceutical company is about to launch. The sales representative plans to give the head of the clinic a promotional CD that contains clinical trial results and a White Paper. When the sales representative sets up the call activity record in Oracle CRM On Demand, he sets the status of the record to Not Started.

When the sales representative arrives at the clinic, there is a delay while a staff member at the clinic gets the key to the samples cabinet. The sales representative uses the time to update the status of the call activity record in Oracle CRM On Demand to In Progress. The sales representative successfully stocks the samples cabinet, shares the message about the new product with the head of the clinic, and gives her the promotional material.

Towards the end of the day, the sales representative signs in to Oracle CRM On Demand and starts to update the records related to the activities of the day. The sales representative updates the call activity record for the call to the clinic, but he wants to review the record one more time before changing the status of the record to the final status of Submitted. However, the sales representative is scheduled to attend a sales meeting, so he sets the status of the record to Completed and leaves to attend the meeting. At this point, the record cannot be deleted from Oracle CRM On Demand.

When the sales representative returns from the meeting, he reviews the call activity record again and then sets the status of the record to Submitted. At this point, the call activity record cannot be updated, it cannot be deleted from Oracle CRM On Demand, and all of the fields on the record are read-only. In addition, other records cannot be linked to the submitted call activity record. An example of a process that supports this scenario is given in Example of Using Processes to Lock Records.

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