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Analyzing the Pipeline

In the standard edition of Oracle CRM On Demand, the Pipeline Analysis for Current Quarter section of the Opportunity Homepage shows a quarterly analysis of the pipeline in chart format. You can use this analysis to help you to identify opportunities and challenges. In this section of the Opportunity Homepage, you can place your pointer on the chart to see specific information, click a segment to review a detailed report, or change the categories in the drop-down lists to view different opportunity and revenue analysis reports. For example, you can generate an analysis that shows the number of opportunities by region.

You can also do any of the following:

  • Use this analysis to see where your deals are in the sales cycle, so you can take action when it is required.
  • Filter by Average (Avg) Number (#) of Days in Stage to see if and where your deals are stalled.
  • Filter by Number (#) of Opportunities to see how many opportunities are in each stage of your sales cycle.
  • Display a list of the deals in each stage to help you focus on the areas that require your attention.
  • Go to the Pipeline Dashboard to see historical and comparative perspectives about your overall performance.

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