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Portfolio Account Fields

Use the Portfolio Account Edit page to add a portfolio account or update details for an existing portfolio account. The Portfolio Account Edit page shows the complete set of fields for a portfolio account.

NOTE: Company administrators can customize your application in a variety of ways, such as changing names for record types, fields, and options in picklists. Therefore, the information you see might differ from the standard information described in this table.

The following table provides additional information regarding some fields.



Key Account Information

Account Number

Required field. Limit of 100 characters.


Lookup field for the institution linked with this portfolio account.


Lookup field for the product linked with this portfolio account.

Account Type

A picklist of available account types. Default values are: Annuity Contract, Group Policy, 401K, Checking, IRA, Life Insurance, Mutual Fund, Savings, and Other.

Primary Contact



Lookup field for the account linked with this portfolio account.


Revenue linked with this portfolio account.

Purchase Date

The date that the financial account is opened.

Cancelled/Sold Date

The date that the account is closed. If this is an individual holding, it may be the date that all shares are sold.


Status of the portfolio account. Default values are: Active, Pending, Quote, Terminated, and Closed.

Parent Portfolio Account

The parent portfolio account for the current portfolio account.


The owner of the portfolio account record.

Generally, the owner of a record can update the record, transfer the record to another owner, or delete the record. However, your company administrator can adjust the access levels to restrict or expand a user's access.

The value in the Owner field affects which records are included in reports that you or your managers run from Reports and Dashboard pages.

Depending on the record ownership mode that your company administrator sets up for the record type, you might see the Owner field, or the Book field, or both of these fields on the record Detail page, and one or both of the fields might be blank. For more information about record ownership modes, see About Data Access, Record Sharing, and Record Ownership.

Primary Group

Primary group of the portfolio owner.

For releases previous to release 13, this field is used to define Group visibility to Portfolio records. It is recommended that you use the book functionality to replace this capability. For more information, see Process of Setting Up Books.

Policy Information

Risk Class

Defines the risk level of the portfolio. Limit of 50 characters.


The cost of the insurance policy in your currency units.

Face Value

The face value of the insurance policy in your currency units.

Effective Date

The start date for the insurance policy.

Expiration Date

The expiry date for the insurance policy.

Investment Information

Total Asset Value

The value of all your investments in your currency units.

Valuation Date

The date of the valuation of your total assets.

Loan Information

Loan Amount

The value of your loan in your currency units.

Annual % Rate

The interest rate for your loan.


The date on which the loan is due for payment.


Read-only. The concatenation of Term Length and Term Unit.

Term Length

The period of time over which the loan is amortized, usually expressed in months.

Term Unit

The picklist of possible term units. The default values are: Day, Week, Month, and Year.

Credit Card Information

Credit Limit

The maximum credit available for the account.

Annual % Rate

The annual interest rate charged on charges placed on the balance.

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