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Previewing Records

If the record preview functionality is enabled, you can preview records from record links in many places in Oracle CRM On Demand, including the following:

  • My Homepage
  • Record Homepages
  • Record List pages
  • Record Detail pages (including lists of related records)
  • Action bar

Depending on your record preview settings, the preview window opens when you rest your pointer on a link to a record, or when you click a preview icon, which appears when you rest your pointer on a link to a record. The preview window shows the first section of the Detail page of the record.

The record preview settings can be specified at company level, and by each individual user. Your personal settings override the company setting.

For information about setting your record preview mode, see Setting Your Record Preview Mode. For more information about setting the record preview mode at company level, see Setting Up Your Company Profile and Global Defaults.

To preview a record

  • Rest your pointer on the record link.
    • If your record preview option is set to Hover on Link, the preview window opens automatically.
    • If your record preview option is set to Click on Preview Icon, an icon appears when you rest your pointer on the link. Click the icon to open the preview window.

NOTE: You cannot use the inline edit functionality or the message center while a preview window is open.

To close the record preview window

  • Click the X icon on the preview window, or click the page behind the preview window.

NOTE: If you move your pointer over any UI element (except the preview window, the record link, or the preview icon), the preview window closes automatically after 2 seconds.

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