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Approving Deal Registrations

Depending on the business processes for your company, more than one person within your company might be required to approve a deal registration before the deal registration is considered a valid opportunity. Currently, approval routing is a manual process and only one level of approval is supported. You must modify the current approver field to move the registration along the approval chain.

Note: You can achieve multilevel approval when each approver in the approval chain updates the Approver field for the next approver in the chain.

A deal registration can be given final approval only if it is associated with an opportunity. If the registration is not associated with an opportunity (for example, it is a stand-alone registration), it has to be linked to an existing opportunity or has to be manually converted to an opportunity. For more information on converting a deal registration to an opportunity, see Converting Deal Registrations to Accounts, Contacts, or Opportunities. When a deal registration achieves final approval, the opportunity associated with it becomes visible to the partner organization, because it might be necessary for the partner user to access the opportunity.

Note: The associated opportunity becomes visible to the partner organization only upon approval of the deal registration. When the registration is either returned or rejected, the visibility to the associated opportunity (if any) is not granted.

Before you begin. The submission status of the deal registration must be set to Submitted before you can approve it.

To approve deal registrations

  1. In the Approval Status field on the Deal Registration Edit page, select Approved.
  2. Click Save.

    When you change the approval status to Approved, the following occurs:

    • Oracle CRM On Demand validates that the submission status value is Submitted. If the submission status is any other value, the validation fails, and an appropriate error message is generated.
    • Oracle CRM On Demand validates that the Associated Opportunity field is populated with an opportunity.
    • Oracle CRM On Demand validates that the opportunity specified in the Associated Opportunity field is not already associated with an approved deal registration.
    • The Registered check box on the opportunity header is selected.
    • The Registration Expiration Date field on the opportunity header is populated with the expiration date for approved registration.
    • The partner information from the approved registration is copied to the opportunity header.
    • The final approver changes to the current user. The Current Approver field is not updated.
    • The approved date changes to the current date on Oracle CRM On Demand.
    • A workflow rule creates a new task to track the approval action.
    • A workflow rule sends the appropriate email notifications if the workflow rule has been configured.

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