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Associating Courses with Products, Product Categories, and Solutions

You can associate courses with one or more products, product categories, and solutions. If the course is appropriate for only one product or only one product category, then select the appropriate value from the Primary Product or Primary Product Category field, respectively. However, if the course is applicable to a solution, more than one product, or more than one product category, follow the steps listed below.

Before you begin.

Your company administrator must have made the Course Products, Course Product Categories, or Course Solutions related information section available for the detail page. If the related information section is not displayed on the detail page, click the Edit Layout link, and add the section as a displayed related information section.

To associate courses with products, product categories, or solutions

  1. In the Course Products, Course Product Categories, or Course Solutions section of the Course Detail page, click Add.
  2. On the edit page, specify the product (or, product category) and click Save.
  3. Repeat the above steps as many times as necessary to define all the relationships.

NOTE: Follow the above steps to relate a course to solutions, regardless of whether the course is related to one solution or many solutions.

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