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A course is a structured educational program offered with the primary aim of imparting a specific set of skills to an individual. Many companies, especially those that deal with complex products or services, require their partners and resellers to be adequately trained in and familiar with what they sell. Thus, courses become a mechanism to disseminate knowledge and information about a company’s products and services. Typically, courses focus on a specific product or product family. However, sometimes they might also deal with generic concepts or principles. Courses can be either theoretical or practical (for example, hands-on training, laboratory based, and so on) or a blend of both.

In Oracle CRM On Demand, a course can be associated with a specific product or a set of products. Likewise, a course can also be associated with a single product category, several product categories, or none at all. With the standard configuration of Oracle CRM On Demand, you can also capture several basic attributes of a course, such as the duration, fee, start and end dates, dependencies on other courses, and so on.

Courses might be offered either by the company itself, outsourced to designated training service providers, or both. With Oracle CRM On Demand, you can define the list of third-party vendors offering the course and publish the list to partners. Once a course is published, partner employees can enroll contacts into the course.

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