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Creating Deal Registrations

From within Oracle CRM On Demand, partners create a deal registration by entering information in a form. The partner can access this form from different areas within the application, depending on what the partner is working on and what the partner wants to do. This topic describes one method of creating a deal registration from the Deal Registrations tab. Partners can also create deal registrations using other methods, see Creating Records.

When a partner creates a deal registration, the partner can either make it independent or associate it with an opportunity. The partner creates an independent deal registration (stand-alone registration) when the partner believes he or she has discovered a potential new business opportunity and wants to register it with the brand owner. However, the brand owner might not consider it an opportunity until it has been verified by one or more persons in the organization.

In this case, when the partner believes he or she has discovered an opportunity, and the brand owner contends that it is not an opportunity until it has been verified and confirmed, the solution is for the partner to create a deal registration. The deal registration contains both opportunity as well as registration information. At some point, the partner submits the registration for approval and, if it is appropriate, the brand owner approves it. Prior to giving final approval for the deal registration, the brand owner associates it with an opportunity.

To create a deal registration

  1. From the Deal Registration List page, click New.
  2. In the Deal Registration Detail form, enter the required information.
    1. If the deal registration is for an existing opportunity, search for and select the appropriate opportunity in the Associated Opportunity field. The Associated Opportunity field should display only those opportunities to which you have visibility. The customer field is automatically populated with the name of the customer associated with the selected opportunity.
    2. If the deal registration is for a new opportunity (or for an opportunity to which you do not have visibility), select the New Opportunity check box, and enter the following information in the Opportunity Information section.
      • Currency
      • Deal size
      • Close date
      • Product interest
      • Next step
    3. If the deal registration is for a new opportunity, it might be for an existing customer or a new customer. If the deal registration is for an existing customer, search for and select the customer from the Associated Customer field. If the deal registration is for a new customer, select the New Customer check box, and complete the fields in the New Company information section.

      For more information about Deal Registration fields, see Deal Registration Fields.

  3. Save the record.

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