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Converting Deal Registrations to Accounts, Contacts, or Opportunities

If your user role has the appropriate setup, you can create account, contact, and opportunity records, or merge deal registration information with existing records by converting the deal registration record. Depending on your company’s settings, the new opportunity record can include information that affects revenue calculations.

Before you begin. You must do the following tasks:

To convert a deal registration to an account, contact, or opportunity

  1. Select the deal registration that you want to convert from the All Deal Registrations section on the Deal Registration homepage.

    For information on selecting deal registrations, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Deal Registration Detail page, click the Convert to Opportunity button.
  3. On the Convert Deal Registration page, do one of the following:
    • To create new account and contact records for this deal registration, select the Auto-Create New Account and Auto-Create New Contact options.

      In the Account section, the Associated Company field for the deal registration appears in the Associated Account field by default. In the Contact section, the first name and last name for the deal registration appear by default.

    • To create a new opportunity and link the opportunity to an existing account and contact, select the Use Existing Account and Use Existing Contact options.

      If the registration record has an associated account, this account appears in the Associated Account field. If the registration record has an associated contact, this contact appears in the Associated Contact field.

    • To link the deal registration to a different account or contact, click the Lookup icon next to the Associated Account or Associated Contact fields, and select another account and contact. Make sure the correct names appear in the Associated Account and Associated Contact fields and that the Use Existing Account and Use Existing Contact options are selected.
  4. To convert the deal registration to an opportunity, select Auto-Create Opportunity, and complete the fields.

    The name of the deal registration appears in the Opportunity Name field by default. Data in the revenue, close date, next step, and description fields are also carried over to the opportunity record. You can edit this data in the Convert Deal Registration page. You can also associate the deal registration with an existing opportunity. To do so, do the following:

    1. Select the Use Existing Opportunity option
    2. Select the appropriate opportunity by using the Lookup icon next to the Associated Opportunity field.
  5. To convert the deal registration, click Save.

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