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Deal Registrations

Deal registration is a process by which partners request exclusive rights to an opportunity from the brand owner. It provides partners with the means to inform the vendor about a potential opportunity, and then partners receive priority for that opportunity. Deal registrations are less speculative than leads but more speculative than opportunities, so they are considered to exist between leads and opportunities.

In most cases, a partner requests registration of a lead or opportunity that the partner discovered. However, the partner can also request registration of an opportunity that was previously offered to the partner by the brand owner.

Deal registrations help mitigate channel conflict, where partners have to compete against one another or the vendor's internal sales department for the same opportunity. Deal registrations are also beneficial in the following ways:

  • They enhance the brand owner's visibility of the opportunity pipeline of the partners.
  • They increase the brand owner's ability to upsell or cross-sell or both.

When registering a deal, the partner might not have enough information about the opportunity. For example, the partner might not know the exact nature of the products that the prospect intends to purchase. The partner might have only a vague idea of the prospect's interest, for example, high-end servers rather than a definitive picture of the prospect's shopping list. Therefore, when registering deals, partners can provide as little or as much information as they want.

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