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Process of Setting Up Partner Administrators (Administrator)

The privilege that controls access to the partner self-administration pages is the Manage Users within the Partner Organization. This privilege allows partner administrators to work with user records for members of their own partner organization only. Partner administrators do not require and must not be granted the Manage Users and Access Privilege, because that privilege allows the partner administrator to see and edit user records for users outside his or her partner organization.

For security reasons, company administrators also determine which roles partner administrators can give to users in their partner organization. To do this, you associate roles with the partner organization record. Then, when a partner administrator sets up a user, only the roles that you have associated with the partner organization are available to be given to the user. Limiting the roles that partner administrators can grant to users enables you to ensure that partner administrators cannot give their users inappropriate privileges or access to data that the users are not supposed to see.

NOTE: Associating roles with a partner record limits the choice of roles that partner administrators can give to their users. It does not limit the choice of roles that company administrators in the brand owner company can assign to the users in the partner organization.

To set up a partner administrator, perform the following tasks:

  1. In the partner administrator's user role, grant the Manage Users within the Partner Organization privilege.

    For information about granting privileges to roles, see Adding Roles.

    NOTE: You can create a new role for partner administrators, or you can edit an appropriate existing role. You can also create different roles for partner administrators in the various partner organizations.

  2. (Optional) Create a customized Partner Admin page layout for User record type, and assign it to the user's role.

    For information about creating customized page layouts, see Customizing Static Page Layouts. For information about assigning page layouts to roles, see Adding Roles.

  3. (Optional) If you want to create specific roles for users in the partner organization, set up the roles.

    For information about setting up roles, see Role Management and Adding Roles.

  4. In the Partner Roles related information section on the partner organization record, add the roles that the partner administrator can grant to the users in the partner organization.

    For more information about linking records, see Linking Records to Your Selected Record.

  5. If the role that you created or edited for the partner administrator is not already assigned to the user who is to act as the partner administrator, assign the role to the user.

    For more information about assigning roles to users, see Setting Up Users.

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