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An exam is a means of measuring the competency of an individual in a specific skill or set of skills. Exams are usually the next logical step for an individual after completing a course. Typically, a course culminates in an exam or series of exams. An individual is expected to register and appear for the exams upon completing the course. Many companies consider that a course has been successfully completed only if all of the culminating exams have been passed with a minimum passing score.

Just as with a course, an exam can also be associated with a product or group of products as well as a product category or several product categories. In Oracle CRM On Demand, you can define an exam as being for a specific product or a set of products or product categories. You can also associate an exam with one or more courses so that the logical progression from course to exam can be captured accurately.

Because exams are usually administered and managed by authorized testing service providers rather than by the company itself, Oracle CRM On Demand lets you define the list of such third-party vendors for a specific exam. You can use Oracle CRM On Demand to register any contact you have access to for an exam.

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