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Use the Partner pages to track partner companies and their members, create partner accounts in Oracle CRM On Demand to support partner users, and set the appropriate levels of access to Oracle CRM On Demand and data visibility for each partner account.

About Partners

The Partner tab represents any external company that sells or services products belonging to the brand owner.

The Partners pages in Oracle CRM On Demand allow you to define the business information about the partner as well as the partnership information between the brand owner and the partner. Examples of partner profile information are company name, address, phone numbers, fax number, Web site, annual revenue, number of employees, market, industry, description of business, and so on.

About Partner Accounts

A PRM partner account, also known as a managed partner account, is a partner with users in Oracle CRM On Demand. A nonmanaged partner account has no users in Oracle CRM On Demand. A PRM partner account is present in both the Account tab and the Partner tab and has the following attributes:

  • It is an account with the account type set to Partner.
  • The managed partner flag value is set to Y.
  • The partner organization status is set to Active.

For organizations that are both accounts to whom sales representatives sell and PRM Partners, you must create two records: an account record and a partner record.

The partner record type is a subclass of the account record type, therefore, custom fields that are added to the account record type are also available for the partner record type. However, the reverse is not true: custom fields added to the partner record type are not available for the account record type.

In general, keep partner-specific attributes in the Partners tab, and keep account-specific attributes that are not related to the partnership in the Accounts tab. However, sometimes you might want to have a partner-specific attribute available on the Accounts tab. In this case, you can add custom attributes to the account record type. These attributes become part of the Partner record type automatically.

When you view the partner account from the Accounts tab, you can see the Account Type field, and it is set to Partner. When you view a partner account from the Partners tab, the Account Type field is not displayed, because the only value that a partner account can have is Partner.

NOTE: While the partner organization status is set to Active, the account type of a partner account must be set to Partner.

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