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Registering for Exams

You can use Oracle CRM On Demand to register for an exam to prove your competency in a specific product or a set of products.

Before you begin.

Your company administrator must have made the Exam Registrations related information section available for the detail page. If the related information section is not displayed on the detail page, click the Edit Layout link, and add the section as a displayed related information section.

To register for an exam

  1. On the Exam List page, click the name of the exam for which you want to register.
  2. In the Exam Registrations section of the Exam Detail page, click Register.
  3. On the Exam Registration Edit page, select the exam and the candidate whom you want to register.
  4. Click Save.

NOTE: Subject to some constraints, Oracle CRM On Demand supports multiple registrations by the same contact for the same exam. A contact might want to register for the same exam more than one time for several reasons, such as to improve upon a previous score or to pass a failed exam or even to renew an expired score. Oracle CRM On Demand allows a contact to register repeatedly for the same exam as long as the exam dates or the owner of the record are different.

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