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Relating Accreditations to Other Accreditations

In Oracle CRM On Demand you can relate an accreditation to other accreditations. One accreditation can be a prerequisite to one accreditation, a follow-up to another, and a replacement for another, perhaps, retired accreditation.

This information is captured only for informational purposes and is mainly intended to help you present your partners with a complete view of all the accreditations and their inter-dependencies. Oracle CRM On Demand does not enforce the relationship requirements specified in this section when granting an accreditation. Thus, for example, holding accreditation A might be defined as a prerequisite for being granted accreditation B; however, this prerequisite is not enforced by Oracle CRM On Demand and allows accreditation B to be granted to a partner company even if it does not hold accreditation A.

NOTE: To ensure that an accreditation cannot be related to itself, the Related Accreditation field cannot be the same as the accreditation on the parent record.

Before you begin.

Your company administrator must have made the Related Accreditations related information section available for the detail page. If the related information section is not displayed on the detail page, click the Edit Layout link, and add the section as a displayed related information section.

To relate an accreditation to another accreditation

  1. On the Accreditation List page, click the name of the accreditation that you want to relate to another accreditation.
  2. In the Related Accreditations section of the Accreditation Detail page, click Add.
  3. On the Related Accreditation Edit page, select the related accreditation and type of relationship, then click Save.

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