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Requesting Accreditation

If you believe your company has met the requirements for accreditation, you can request accreditation from the partner company.

Before you begin.

Your company administrator must have made the Accreditation Requests related information section available for the detail page. If the related information section is not displayed on the detail page, click the Edit Layout link, and add the section as a displayed related information section.

To request accreditation

  1. On the Accreditation List page, click the name of the accreditation that you want to request.
  2. In the Accreditation Request section of the Accreditation Detail page, click Request Accreditation.
  3. On the Accreditation Request Edit page, select the accreditation and partner, then click Save.

NOTE: Partner companies may have a need to request the same accreditation more than once, because either the existing accreditation has expired or a previous request was declined. Oracle CRM On Demand therefore allows multiple requests to be made for the same accreditation for the same partner company as long as the request dates are different.

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