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Resubmitting Deal Registrations

As a deal registration goes through the approval process, the approver might require additional information to approve or reject the registration. In such cases, the approver can return the registration to the owner and specify a reason for the return. Alternatively, the owner of the registration might recall the registration in order to supply additional information.

After the registration has been returned or recalled, the owner can update it. After the owner updates the deal registration, he or she can resubmit it for approval.

Before you begin. The submission status for the deal registration must be either Recalled or Not Submitted.

To resubmit deal registrations for approval

  1. On the Deal Registration Edit page, add the additional information.
  2. In the Submission Status field on the Deal Registrations Edit page, select Submitted.

    Changing the submission status to Submitted starts the approval process. Anyone who has update access to the deal registration can start the approval process. Then click Save.

    When the Submission Status field has been changed to Submitted the following occurs:

    • The approval status is set to Pending Approval.
    • The submission date is automatically set to the current timestamp.
    • The routing of the registration begins. A workflow sets the Approver field for the deal registration to the appropriate user.
    • The approver is added to the team of the deal registration if the approver is not already present.
    • A workflow rule sends the appropriate email notifications if the workflow rule has been configured.

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