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Special Pricing Requests

Special pricing requests include the set of business processes, by which a partner asks the brand owner for a discount on a product. For example, a special pricing request might be a response to a competitive deal or a downward trend in prices. The brand owner grants the lower prices and provides credits to the partner after the sale. The specially authorized price is typically valid for an authorized product, quantity, duration, and the partner or end customer or both.

Special pricing requests include the following two phases:

Special pricing request management. The partner, or the brand owner on behalf of the partner, creates a special pricing request for a product and provides details, such as the reason for the lower price. The partner submits the request to the brand owner for approval and when the request is approved, sells the inventory for a new lower price to the customer. After the sale, the partner can use the special pricing claim process to claim the difference between the original purchase cost and the new authorized cost.

Special pricing claim management. The partner creates a special pricing claim on approved and open special pricing requests to receive credit for a loss. Typically, Point-Of-Sale reports are submitted after the sale with special pricing claims. After the request is approved, the brand owner offers a credit to the partner for the difference between the original cost and the new authorized cost.

Special pricing requests benefit brand owners and partners in the following ways:

  • Enable brand owners to support their partners in competitive situations
  • Encourage partners to buy and stock products from brand owners, even if prices are likely to fall in the future

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