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Submitting Claims for Special Pricing Requests

Partners use the special-pricing claim process to claim the difference between the original purchase cost and the new approved cost that is authorized on the special pricing request. Typically, one or more employees of the brand owner evaluate the claim using a variety of criteria and decide whether or not to approve the claim.

To submit claims for special pricing requests

  1. Select the special pricing request for which you want to submit a claim from the All Special Pricing Requests section on the Special Pricing Request homepage.

    For information on selecting special pricing requests, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Special Pricing Request Detail page, click the Edit button.
  3. On the Special Pricing Request Edit page, enter an amount in the Total Claim Amount Req field.
  4. Select Claim Submitted from the Claim Status field. Then click Save.

    After the Claim Status field has been changed to Submitted and the record has been saved the following occurs:

    • The routing of the special pricing request claim begins. A workflow rule sets the Approver field of the special pricing request to the appropriate user.
    • The approver is added to the team of the special pricing request, if not already present.
    • A workflow rule sends the appropriate email notifications.

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