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Submitting MDF Requests for Approval

Partners can request preapproval for the funding of marketing activities by submitting a market development fund (MDF) request. The MDF request includes the details of the activity and amount of funds that the partner estimates will be spent.

Before you begin. Create the MDF request. Create a workflow rule that assigns an appropriate user as the approver for MDF requests. For more information on creating workflow rules, see Creating Workflow Rules.

To submit an MDF request for approval

  1. Select the MDF request that you want to submit for approval from the All MDF Requests section on the MDF Request homepage.

    For information on selecting MDF requests, see Finding Records.

  2. On the MDF Request Detail page, click the Edit button.
  3. On the MDF Request Edit page, select Submitted from the Submission Status field. Then click Save.

    After you change the Submission Status field value to Submitted and save the record, the following occurs:

    • The approval status is set to Pending Approval.
    • The Submitted Date is automatically set to the current timestamp.
    • The routing of the MDF request begins. A workflow rule sets the Approver field for the MDF request to the appropriate user.
    • The approver is added to the team of the MDF request, if the approver is not already present.
    • A workflow rule sends email notifications.

The MDF request appears on the list of records waiting for the approver’s actions and becomes read-only for the partner (owner). Further updates to the request (for example, updating the requested amounts, changing the associated fund, and so on) are not permitted. The partner can make changes to a submitted MDF request only after recalling it successfully.

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