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Partner Relationship Management and High Tech

Oracle CRM On Demand provides the following record types for Partner Relationship Management (PRM):

  • Partners. Use these pages to manage information about the external companies or contacts at companies who sell or service products belonging to your company.
  • Partner Programs. Use these pages to track the requirements and benefits for companies that are part of your company's partner programs.
  • Applications. Use these pages to manage the applications from new or existing partners for partnership with the brand owner company.
  • Deal Registrations. Use these pages to manage the deal registrations that allow partners to request exclusive rights to an opportunity from the brand owner company.
  • MDF Requests. Use these pages to manage the market development funds (MDF) requests for monetary funds given by a manufacturer's sales or marketing department. MDF requests help a partner to sell its products or to market the manufacturer's brand.
  • SP Requests. Use these pages to manage the special pricing (SP) requests from partners for a price adjustment to a product.
  • Funds. Use these pages to manage fund requests, credits, and approvals.
  • Training and Certification (T&C). Use these pages to create awareness among the partner community about the training courses and programs offered for the products and services of the brand owner company. T&C also helps to track the skills and competencies of the partner companies and their employees. The T&C record types are:
    • Courses
    • Exams
    • Certifications
    • Accreditations

Note: All of these record types are available only with Oracle CRM On Demand Partner Relationship Management Edition. The Funds record type is also available with Oracle CRM On Demand High Tech Edition.

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