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Updating the Accreditation Request Record

Only users with the appropriate access rights can update the accreditation request record. By default, only brand-owner roles, such as Channel Manager, can update the Status field on the request record. Brand-owner roles and partner roles can update all other fields.

Your company administrator can modify the default access right settings, as required.

Before you begin.

Your company administrator must have made the Accreditation Requests related information section available for the detail page. If the related information section is not displayed on the detail page, click the Edit Layout link, and add the section as a displayed related information section.

To update an accreditation request record:

  1. In the Accreditation Requests section of the Accreditation Detail page, click the Edit link for the request record you want to modify.
  2. Modify the fields as appropriate.
  3. Click Save.

NOTE: The default permissible values for the Accreditation Status field are Requested, Granted, and Denied. However, this list is completely configurable and your company administrator can modify it to suit your business requirements.

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