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Changing a User's User ID (Partners)

The following procedure describes how to change the user ID for a user in your partner organization.

The maximum number of characters that a user ID can contain is 50. A user ID cannot contain spaces or any of the following special characters:

  • Asterisk (*)
  • Backslash (\)
  • Number sign (#)
  • Question mark (?)
  • Slash (/)
  • Tilde (~)

Before you begin. To perform this procedure, you must have the Manage Users within the Partner Organization privilege in your role.

To change a user's user ID

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the User Management and Access Controls section, click Partner Self Administration.

    The User List page opens, showing a list of the users in your partner organization.

  3. On the User List page, click the Last Name link of the user.
  4. On the User Detail page, click Edit.
  5. On the User Edit page, edit the User ID field.
  6. Save the record.

The user receives an email containing the new user ID. The user can sign in to Oracle CRM On Demand by using the new user ID and the user's existing password.

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