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Qualifying Leads

If you determine that a lead has some potential for becoming an opportunity, you can qualify the lead. Normally, you select a rating for the lead according to a scale set up by your company administrator.

NOTE: Your company administrator might have set up assessment scripts to help you to evaluate leads for qualification. For more information on using Lead Qualification scripts, see Using Lead Qualification Scripts.

Before you begin. To perform this procedure, your user role must include the Qualify Leads privilege.

To qualify a lead

  1. Select the lead.

    For instructions on selecting leads, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Lead Detail page, make sure that the lead record’s First Name, Last Name, Rating, and Sales Person fields are filled. These fields are required in order to qualify the lead. In addition, if the Lead record type is configured in the user mode of record ownership, then the Owner Full Name field must be filled.

    NOTE: The required information helps to ensure that leads are not lost after they are qualified, and that valuable sales resources are used to full advantage to follow up leads that will evolve into a sales opportunity. In particular, if the Rating and Sales Person fields are not filled, you will not be able to set the status of the lead to Qualified.

  3. Click Mark as Qualified.

    The system verifies that the critical fields contain data. If the criteria are met, the lead Status field value changes to Qualified.

    NOTE: If you receive an error message after clicking Mark as Qualified, verify that the Qualified Date field has not been customized with a read-only value.

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