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Refreshing Forecasts

Forecasts are snapshots of revenue data for specific periods. If an opportunity or revenue record is updated, you can refresh some values for your current, unsubmitted forecast to ensure that the forecast reflects the most up-to-date information. You can then adjust those records in the Forecast Summary section to more accurately reflect the revenue that will be generated.

Updating the record values that contribute to the forecast amounts, and then recalculating the forecast totals, allows for more consistent forecasting. Updates to the Revenue, Close Date, Sales Stage, Probability, Forecast, Quantity, or Status fields can affect your forecast.

To update record values and refresh forecast amounts

  1. Click the Forecasts tab.

    The Forecast Homepage lists your forecasts according to the date on which they were created, with the most-recent forecasts listed first.

  2. In the Forecast Homepage Section, click the Forecast Date link for the forecast that you want to update.
  3. In the My Opportunities, My Revenues, or My Products section on the Forecast Detail page, click the Opportunity Name, Start/Close Date, or Product link for the record that you want to modify.
  4. On the Detail page, click Edit.
  5. On the Edit page, update the appropriate values for the opportunity or revenue record, and click Save.
  6. Navigate back to the Forecast Detail page, and then click the Refresh link in the record row.
  7. On the Forecast Detail page, click Rollup.

    The forecast summary totals are updated based on the opportunity or revenue records that you modified.

NOTE: To capture any updates made to the opportunity or revenue records in the forecast summary, click Rollup.

When you click Rollup, any prior adjustments to the forecast summary totals are overwritten with the new values brought in from the opportunity or revenue records; therefore after updating your records, you might still want to adjust your forecast summary to reflect your sales expectations more accurately.

Adjusting Forecast Totals

Sales representatives and managers can make high-level adjustments by month to their current, forecasted revenue to make sure that the automatically generated forecast reflects values based on professional judgement. You can adjust the following forecast summary fields:

  • Forecast
  • Best Case

NOTE: Only the forecast owner can adjust forecast totals.

To adjust forecast totals

  1. Click the Forecasts tab.
  2. In the Forecast Homepage section, click the Forecast Date link for the forecast record you want to adjust.
  3. In the Forecast Summary section, click Edit.
  4. On the Forecast Edit page, type your adjusted revenue values in the Forecast or Best Case fields.
  5. Click Refresh Totals to verify your adjusted values, and then click Save.

NOTE: Best case revenue is not applicable to account or contact revenue forecasts.

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