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Removing Addresses from Accounts, Contacts, Dealers, or Partners

To remove an address record from accounts, contacts, dealers, or partners, complete the following procedure.

To remove an address from an account, contact, dealer, or partner record

  1. On the Detail page for the record, navigate to the Addresses section if it is configured for the record.
  2. In the Addresses section, click Remove in the record-level menu for the address record.

    If the address is shared, then Oracle CRM On Demand removes the address from the Detail page for the record; that is, it removes the association between the address and the parent record. However, the address record is not deleted and continues to exist. For information on deleting a shared address, see Deleting Shared Addresses.

    If the address is unshared, then Oracle CRM On Demand deletes the address from the Detail page for the record.

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